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There are many benefits to Early Childhood Education. Socialization, is one key benefit.  Preschoolers are able to socialize better and effectively communicate with their peers.  Enthusiasm plays a major role in early childhood, this will make them eager to learn and be more involved in their education.  A sense of respect is also earned through Early Childhood, which will in turn allow the children to have more self respect, as well as respect for their peers and instructors.


My Connections to Play

Whenever, I hear the word “play”, my early childhood years come to mind.  Growing up in a southern state, will force your playtime to become very creative.  Not having access to a local Chuckie E Cheese, or amusement park, would certainly force you to put your imagination to work!!!!!

Several quotes come to mind, when I reminisce on my early years of playing as a child.  One quote says, “”Whoever wants to understand much, must play much”.  The quote was by Jeanne Weirheiser (April, 25, 2012).   This quote has significant meaning to me very several reasons.  One reason is that  I was very inquisitive as a child.  Watching my grandmother prepare everything homemade was very exciting and interesting to me.  I would mimmick her making  homemade sweet apple pies.  Each time, I pretended as though, I was preparing a pie, she would  carefully monitor me and advise on what I failed to add to my recipe.  The more, I pretended to make my own pies, the better I ot.  After turning, five years old, my grandmother allowed me to make my first real homemade apple pie.  The pie was delicious, due to the fact that  for several years, I played and pretended as though as I was actually preparing a pie.  The years of playing made me in turn become an excellent chef.  A second quote that I associate with my early years of play, comes from Benjamin Franklin.  It states “We do not stop playing, because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing.”  I lived in the home during the school year with my biological father and stepmother.  My stepmother was the true epitomy  of a stepmother.  Myself and my two older sisters were basically forced to grow up.  My stepmother gave us chores that were not age appropriate.  The length of time it took to finish the tasks, eliminated our times to play and have fun with each other.  Therefore, we were not allowed to be kids and have fun like the majority of our neighbors and friends did.  I feel as though everyone, should be able to enjoy their childhood, and participate in activities that are age appropriate.    Throughout my early childhood, most children were allowed to play, and the majority of most children were forced to play.  Such as being sent outside to play while the parents prepared meals, and maintained the home.  In reality, the force play was positive because it allowed children to be able to exercise and build communication skills.

Play in today’s society has totally changed.  Throughout my childhood, playing house or “mommie and daddy” was fun.  The world today has changed, and playing house has a totally different meaning, and can  sometimes lead to serious problems with families.    My personal thoughts regarding play now, is that some children need to be taught how to play.  For example, I feel as though play fighting should not be allowed.  In most cases, injuries occur, and play fighting can lead to negative events, or bring out anger issues.  I feel as though adulthood play, should strictly be board games, and the contact with children should be minimal.  I hope that someday in the near future, there will be a clear defining location and mode of play for children and adults to all play in harmony.

Here a few pictures of play items, that  entertained me as a child. One was an easy bake oven, in which I prepared my famous apple pies!!!!

Image result for children playing with easy bake oven              Aurora 12

A second picture of a toy that correlates to my childhood is the play kitchen and dining set.  This emulates me having to thoroughly clean the kitchen as a child!!!

Image result for black children cleaning up a play kitchen



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25 Quotes about Importance of childhood play by Jeanne Weirheiser (April 28, 2012)



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I totally agree with you on the statement where relationships are the backbone of us.  I experienced a personal loss with the death of my mother at a young age.  The challenges, I faced greatly impacted me and made me an excellent parent to my children.

Relationship Reflection

Relationship is defined as the way in which two concepts, objects, or people are connected, or the state of being connected.

Relationships are very significant to me. because for one thing, it is joyous to me. Building and maintaining relationships have always made me feel happy.  Just the thought of knowing, I have someone to talk to in good times and bad times is very comforting.    Partnerships are an important part of my life.  However; when I think of partnership, business usually comes to mind.  In my opinion, a greater bond is built through established relationships opposed to partnership.  Certain things that I share with people, that I am in a relationship with, I do not share with partners.  For  me personally, relationships are built more on trust, and partnerships trust has to be gained or earned.

I have a positive relationship with my husband.  Actually, he is my partner as well.  We own two businesses together.  My relationship with him is very strong and positive.  We met in high school, and will be celebrating our 29th anniversary in July.  Contributing factors to our relationship, in regards to our marriage is that we treat each other fair, and make the other person aware when things don’t go our way.  If there is a problem, we try to resolve it immediately, because problems are like sores, they don’t get better until you treat them.   In the business aspect, a contributing factor to us being successful in our business, we both realize that we are in the business to profit and benefit  our family.  Honesty also plays a major role in our success and happiness.  Decisions are made jointly and if needed we sometimes have our children provide their input to assist if issues or disagreements arise.

A  positive relationship is shared between me and my older sister also.  This relationship is and has always been positive.  My mother passed away when I was fairly young and my older sister Sheree, took upon the role as my mother.  Contributing factors that make this relationship a success is that she continues to assist me with my family, such as being someone that I can share secrets with, and also just being a listening ear, when I am in distress or troubled.

Challenges that I experience in maintaining my relationship with my husband is that his mother has a negative impact on his life.  In my honest opinion, she feels as though he is obligated to her in regards to assisting her financially, and maintaining her house.  Considering the fact that she abandoned him as a child, I do not feel as though he is obligated to assist her as an adult.  In order to keep down confusion, I try not to always voice my opinion.  But, if her requests are too demanding,   I will intervene.  A few challenges are faced between myself and my sister.  My niece which is her daughter sometimes takes advantage of her willing to help financially.  Due to the fact that, my niece is married I feel as though, she should be more responsible.  To prevent problems  between myself and my sister, I only voice my opinion, if she asks for it.

There are several special characteristics that make myself and my husband a partnership.  We have common interests in the well being of our children, that creates a special bond and a partnership.  In regards to our business, we are definitely a partnership, because we have financial interests, and we both benefit from all profits gained.   In regards to my older sister.  Our relationship can be somewhat of a partnership as well.  We have a common interest in the success of her daughters boutique, because I place items from my business in her shop to sell.

Experiences with my relationships will greatly impact my work as  an early childhood provider.  I learned from my sister that you must first let others around you be aware that you have a genuine interest in their well being.  My sister taught me how to be supportive to a person without always verbally voicing my opinion.  My experience from my relationship/partnership with my husband has taught me many things that have enhanced my work in early childhood.  I know first hand that children can be indirectly effected by problems at home, with the parents and other family members.  I am now more compassionate and better understanding, when they do not want to immediately discuss problems they are encountering.  I try to positively contribute to people.  Such as sometimes just a kind word, or a simple good morning, will make a person in distress have a more enhanced or enrich their day.

Week 8 Quote About Children

I  have always been taught that some quotes truly have bonafide meaning.  My mother instilled a lot of quotes in me that truly stayed in my mind.  As, I may have stated in a few blogs previously, my parents divorced before I reached the age of two years old.  I feel as though it is best to cherish memories and time that you have with loved ones, while you are young. One quote in which my mother voiced to me numerous times,has significant meaning in my life.  She would sometimes say that every shut eye is not sleep, and every good bye, is not gone!!!!!   In my honest translation, I felt as though she meant just because someone pretends to be asleep, does not mean they are really asleep.  My stepfather would often go to bed extremely early, and pretend as though he was not awake and could not hear anything that was being said, by other family members.  I recall having a personal conversation with my mother about my biological father.  Assuming, that my stepfather was asleep, I talked in a normal tone.  The next day, my stepfather repeated the conversation to my mother verbatim.  I feel as though that is what she meant by every shut eye is not sleep!!!  In regards to the portion of the quote that said, every good bye is not gone.  An example is that my aunt would come over on a regular basis to visit.  On one particular visit, after walking her to the car, and saying our good byes, we all thought that she actually had left the premises.    After cleaning the kitchen, my mother went to lock the front door.  There was a picture window in the living room.  To my mom’s amazement, my aunts car was still parked outside.  My mother immediately opened the front door, and there was my aunt.  She stated that she was looking for something in her purse.  We later found out that she was outside eavesdropping on our conversations.  That is when she coined the ending to her famous quote, that stated every good bye is not gone!!!!!

Famous Quote About Children

I have heard on numerous occasions that children, especially pre schoolers that they are very impressionable.    One quote that stands out in my thoughts is the one, that states that “children are like wet cement, whatever falls on them makes an impression!!!!  I am not sure who actually coined the quote, but I do recall hearing it numerous times throughout my childhood.   My husband used to own a concrete mixer, so I have hands on experience with concrete.  Once we made notes on the concrete or wrote our names in the wet concrete, it was there permanently.  When children are around or are exposed to or witness positive things in life, it tends to remain a part of their lives forever.  It works the same way for negative impacts.  If a child is around something negative or hears and sees negative things, those thoughts and activities will remain in the childs thoughts, and could very well become a way of life for them.

I googled the quote and apparently Haim Ginott, actually patented the quote.  I only recall physically hearing it from adults throughout my early childhood, and teenage life.




Professional Thanks:

I would like to personally thank Kenietra Hewitt-  Blog is http://www.preschoolstation.wordpress.com-   I was especially touched by your blog about hanging around others that are smarter than you, thinking that their smartness would rub off on you.  The actual level of smartness may not rub off, but a lot of their traits could possibly rub off, and encourage you to have better study habits, or increase your vocabulary from  listening to them speak.

Elizabeth Young-  Blog is earlychildstudy.wordpress.com-  Elizabeth always had her blogs done sooner than the due date, which allowed me to submit a professional response.




Week 6 cont,

In my readings, I noticed that the focus is mainly on education.  Children start preschool in China, from about the ages of one year old to three years old.  However; they are deeply involved in extra curricular activities, to keep them focused.  The majority of the instructional day is focused on mastering the Chinese language.  Family therapy is assessed,  at most pre schools.  There is not a lot of focus on assesments before school begins.  According to my reading from the Preschool Assesment  (3rd edition) (Chinese Edition), the primary focus is education.  I feel as though sometimes the small things in life are what really matter.


Reference List:

Preschool Assesment (3rd Edition) (Chinese Edition)  by: Huo li Yan  ( July 2015)


Week 6 Viewing Young Children Holistically

Throughout my numerous years of raising a family and working with children, I have discovered that nothing ceases to amaze me.  My husband and I raised three boys.  I have noticed that no two people are alike.  We allowed  them to have sleep overs, and participate in extracurricular activities,  to expose them to different types of people. In my own observations, I noticed that people will treat you in the manner, in which  you allow them to treat you.  For example, if a child is being bullied or teased by other children, if defensive immediate action is taken, this could possibly, change the behaviors of the other children towards the child, who is being mistreated.   Noone should be mistreated any age, I know first hand that mental abuse can be detrimental to people of all ages.

If, I had to view children holistically,  I would asses them physically and emotionally.  In regards to the physical aspect.  In my opinion, the human body is amazing and most of our body parts work in conjunction with other body parts to function properly.  I feel as though the brain can control a lot of other areas.  If we are not in shape physically, it would be difficult for us to think and process information correctly.  For instance, if a child is hungry or does not have proper nutrients, it would be difficult for that child to function properly or remain focused.  As, my mother always taught me you are what you eat.  Breakfast in my opinion, is still the most important meal of the day.  Whenever, I skip breakfast or do not eat a nutritious breakfast, it seems as though my day just does not go as smoothly, due to not having nutrients in my system.  Children in school, especially pre school should maintain a healthy diet, to ensure their brains can function properly and retain information or material being taught at school.  Several school districts in the state of Arkansas, provide free breakfast to all elementary students, regardless of income.  Being physically fit is essential for children.  Physical Education should be taught in the home as well as school.  If children receive proper physical education, this could possibly prevent a lot of obesity in the nation.  Exercising is important.  Outdoor play can benefit children in more ways than one.  It also contributes to and builds their communication among their peers.  Proper immunizations are a great benefit to children, and can be life savers and prevent problems throughout life.  If your body is aching or in pain, it would be a challenge to function properly.

In my opinion, children should be assessed for emotional growth as well.  Emotional growth is very important.  I have a two year old grandson.  His mother is the custodial parent.  My son keeps him every other weekend.  I noticed that when his mother drops him off, he is very sad and heartbroken when she leaves.  I also noticed that when she picks him up on Sundays, he cries and wants to remain with my son.  At such  a young age, his emotions are getting out of control.  If our emotions are out of wack, it could greatly impact our daily functions of life.  As an adult, when I experience heartbreaks or life changing events, I find it difficult to maintain control of my thoughts and emotions.  I am elated that the federal government offered additional funding for mental health professionals to council students from preschool to high school.

Ways school aged children are assessed in China





Week 4 Blog- Stressors

At some point in life, we have all had to deal with something or someone that increased our level of stress.  Sometimes, we may not realize the situations that are stressing us the most.  As a child, my parents divorced before I was three years old.  My parents were awarded joint custody of me and my two older siblings.  My mother lived out of state and suffered from heart disease.   A major factor that contributed to the heart disease was cigarette smoke.  I am sure that we have heard  he numerous warnings from the Surgeon General and many other health officials regarding the dangers of nicotine

and tobacco use.  My mother was the typical smoker, she felt as though it would not effect her, due to the fact she had smoked primarily all of her teenage and adult life.  She contributed her addiction from being able to legally purchase cigarettes as a  teenager.  This is when she became addicted and did not have a desire to smoking.  During my first year of middle school she was diagnosed with heart disease, and was later informed that unless she received a heart transplant, she would die.  My mother continued to smoke and her heart disease became worse.

Coping with  a parent diagnosed with a deadly disease was very difficult.  Due to the fact that she had joint custody, did not allow me to be able to spend more quality time with her.  To deal with it, I became very spiritual and leaned for support from my Sunday School Department.  The emotional support, still did not negate the fact that, my mothers condition was not improving.  The internet was unheard of during my adolescent hood, so I was unable to obtain and do a thorough research of heart disease.  I used encyclopedia’s and checked books out of the school library to learn more.  Unfortunately, my mother passed away during my sophomore year of high school.

Main Stressor for Children in China


Children in China have been known for being he highest educated children in the world.  However; students are under high levels in stress from parents, due to the high expectations of grades and maintaining high test scores.  The academic pressure placed from parents can sometimes bring added pressure and cause problems with concentrating on other important areas of life.  One remedy or processes to minimize the stress level in China is the majority of students cheat or receive assistance from their peers on homework assignments, and study times have decreased.